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We service Businesses and Residentials in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Kansas.

We're excited to announce our expansion into Virginia, New York, Chicago, and Maryland Soon.
Installation Set up

·        Step one: Warm your heat gun and insert a glue stick.

·        Step two: align the water spigot with the center of the pad.

·        Step three: start applying the adhesive to the brick while pressing the pad simultaneously all the way around the pad until the pad is fully installed.

·        (Double-check to be sure the entire pad is adhered to the brick; this will prevent cold air from getting under the pad.)

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image_67210497 (1).JPG
  • Pre Orders Preferred!
  • Special Orders 2-3 Weeks!
  • Custom Orders 2-3 Weeks!

·        Step one: grab the corner of the pad and gently pull away from the brick.

·        Step two: use a standard heat gun to reheat the glue (not at a very hot temperature) on the brick and, if on the pad to remove it.

Step three: wipe the pad with a damp cloth before storing it away for next season

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